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September Investor Letter and Fund Report

Dear Investors,

The Investor Letter and Fund Performance Report for the month of September is now available. As always, your relationship manager will be contacting you with the report as well as a summary of your holdings. Keep an eye on your inboxes for an exciting update!

In a nutshell, the Acinox crypto fund escaped largely unscathed from the storm that battered the cryptocurrency market in September. We correctly anticipated that the market was trading on the high off of the Bakkt launch, and made a decision to sit on the sidelines while the big launch happened. Our intuition paid off!

On the other hand, we made a 25% profit in a month on our options strategy, which has given us the confidence we need to include these instruments in our main fund going forward. Doing so, we anticipate, will allow us to further increase our alpha while reducing the portfolio beta.

More exciting news to come in the coming days!

Thank you,

H. Faateh Cheif Investment Officer

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