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Introducing: The Weekly Bull

Dear Bulls,

It is with immense pride that I announce the Introduction of "The Weekly Bull", a compilation of all the actionable news that our trading desks scrape from all over the internet on a weekly basis to provide actionable insights.

We have decided to make this available to you because we believe in this era of knowledge, we as investors and as a community must take the initiative of developing the knowledge edge that separates the winners from the losers. We must hone our skills to the point where we are able to filter through the noise to get to the meat, do so efficiently, and continuously so that we are able to profit from the opportunities that constantly protect ourselves.

And we must do so to protect ourselves from the turmoil that awaits us in the coming months.

Therefore, stay aware, stay vigilant, and stay #BullishOnLife

H. Faateh

Cheif Investment Officer.

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