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The Acinox Bulls is a community that learns, trades, invests and grows together.

All of us have something to offer to one-another, and something to learn from one-another. The Acinox Bulls is a platform for us to share our knowledge and expertise with you in the form of market overviews, training and learning resources, and investment guidance. It is also a platform for you to share your ideas with us, so that we can grow together.

We are The Acinox Bulls, and we are #BullishOnLife


Trading and Investment Training

Resources for all levels of expertise:

  • Introduction to crypto, equities and options.

  • Market scanning and idea generation.

  • Trader training (basic to expert levels)


Networking Event

Market Analysis and Expert Guidance

Daily market analysis, idea generation and live trading carried out by our experts. 

Participate in our daily morning call to look at the markets from our eyes.


Business Meeting

Investment and Transaction Advisory

Do you have an idea that you think can be profitable? From opportunity analysis to project planning to execution advice, you can have our experts work with you to capitalise on such opportunities.

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