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Myth: "I am comfortable with my savings"
Fact: The average UK household has only £3000 in savings.


Poverty can be crippling. 

Most surveys indicate that savings for an average household are extremely insufficient. A quarter of all UK households have just £94 in savings, while the average household saving in OECD countries is just 4.8% of annual post-tax income (OECD, 2018).

Financial Independence is a distant dream for the majority of us. 

Due to limited savings, and the high complexity, uncertainty and costs associated with personal investing, most of us are doomed to the fear of never having enough for all our dreams, and the struggle of choosing one of our desires over others.


We bring together experts and investors of all skill levels together so they can learn and grow together.

Leveraging the power of the crowd, we achieve together what we cannot individually. 

Using the same resources as the world's largest financial companies, we identify opportunities, and with our years of financial industry experience, we make smart calls, trades and investments.

We give our investors access to markets they would otherwise be excluded from.

In simple words, we provide the same service to small investors that wealth managers and private banks provide to high-net-worth individuals.

Myth: "I don't have enough to make a difference".
Fact: Your money works for you if you deploy it effectively. 
Discussing the Numbers
Myth: "I just don't know where to start".
Fact: Our years of experience and research in these markets help us find the right opportunities. 


A team of highly experienced individuals from the fields of investment banking, portfolio management and risk management.

We are a community of growth-minded individuals with extensive experience in the fields of investment banking, portfolio management, risk management and research.

Our founders hail from some of the world's most prestigious financial institutions including the top investment banks, rating agencies and research powerhouses. 

Together, we bring years of investment experience to the table. Combined with exhaustive research of the cryptocurrency and other alternative assets carried out over the past years, we offer unparalleled expertise to our investors.

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